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FACE To FACE: Cannot Be Replaced


“Formal face- to- face meetings will disappear” was and is the hue and cry of alleged futurists. The reality is that “they” were and are wrong! Meeting spaces are proliferating; convention centers are expanding. Post the economic downturn; hotels are experiencing sold out nights because of meetings and conferences. Corporate giants are still having in-person […]

A Second Look at My Second Act


SECOND ACTS – CAREER CHANGE When F. Scott Fitzgerald said that there are no second acts, he was highly mistaken. So many of us have had two and three successful careers, myself included. My first was that very traditional, formerly highly respected and definitely NOT overpaid — profession of teaching. You may have heard the […]

A Data Base Does Not a Network Make

By Susan RoAne, Author of several books, including the Silver Anniversary edition of How To Work a Room®.   Myths of Database as a Network There seems to be some confusion between a database and a network. You may have collected 200,000 names for your database but you don’t have a network of 200,000 people. […]

Can You Keep a Secret?


        Are You Up To The “Secret” Task? That’s a question that comes with great responsibility. And yet, it’s something we wonder about when we have something to share but not ready to share it with the whole world. Recently, a long-time friend asked me if I could keep a secret. It […]

Create a Network of Colleagues, Cronies, Clients and Friends


        You’ve left stacks of work behind to attend a national convention. But taking notes from dawn to dusk isn’t enough to make it worth your while.Put down that pencil and start shaking hands, talking to people around you and networking. What is Networking? Networking is a reciprocal process in which you […]



My RANT on The RSVP problem It’s increased exponentially since I first wrote about NO SHOWS for the San Francisco Examiner Career Series three decades ago. The (not bright) editor wouldn’t publish the article and said, “That’s not a problem in business.” I shook my head in disbelief and had my article published in a […]

HOW TO WORK A ROOM ®: THE TEN COMMANDMENTS of Connecting and Communicating

  The Silver Anniversary fully-revised edition of How To Work a Room® is now available in local and online bookstores.  It has 3 new chapters,  a new preface, a readers guide, expanded FAQs, new cartoons, quotes, quips and quizzes.  The expanded Ten Commandments of Connecting and Communicating includes behaviors of mingling and socializing in virtual […]

Adventures of 2013 Lead to The New How To Work a Room®


Taking a look back over 2013…What a wonderful year it has been; full of adventures, experiences and changes. Stanford won the Rose Bowl on January 1st and we’re starting 2014 with another Stanford visit to the Rose Bowl. I’ll be in the stands rooting for the team; wearing my Skov Brother buttons and numbers/names on […]

How To Work a Room®: The Infographic


If you prefer to “chart your course”, follow this step by step guide for attending any event and mingling and it will help  you do just that.

Still Fed Up with Feedback, Or, Who Asked You Anyway?


  Times, They Are A-Changing (But People Aren’t) We are in the  21st century and so much has changed due, in great part, to technology. But, people – well, we haven’t changed a bit! We still have the same foibles, follies, fabulous and foolish behaviors. Except now we have the option of “internaughty” bad behavior. […]