As the author of best-selling classic, The Secrets of Savvy Networking, I find there’s little value in reinforcing the “ you don’t have a network” premise. I have a different premise about networks. We ALL have them! BUT we must identify our network before we can grow it. Family, classmates from grade school, high school […]

News with a Heavy Heart

I had to make a decision. My heart is heavy. Do I blithely go about the business of my business…including writing this blogpost; ignoring the MIGHTY Elephant in the room? Or do I speak up in memory of the Buffalo residents in a supermarket and 19 fourth graders with their 2 teachers, and Tulsa doctors […]

A Hybrid World: A New Look at Face-To-Face Connecting & How To Work A Room® or Zoom

It’s been an indescribable two years since the Corona Virus created the pandemonium of a pandemic! Returning to the “new ABnormal” (a phrase I’ve used for almost that long) has contributed to our anxiety and feeling we are “rusty” in social situations. Many of us are returning to workplaces, meetings, family celebrations, conferences and concerts. […]

Lessons of LUCK on St Patrick’s Day (and Everyday)

We think people are “lucky” but they often make decisions, take actions, avoid traps that make them “APPEAR” to have luck. Those that do generally have three of more of the Eight Tracks of Luck.