SAVVY Networking Revisited 2023

Maybe in the 60th anniversary revival of Fiddler, they will sing “Networker, Networker, cast out your net . . . match me a match, that I won’t forget. . . .”

And we must never forget to acknowledge those networkers who have made referrals and matches for us.

A Hybrid World: A New Look at Face-To-Face Connecting & Knowing How To Work A Room® or Zoom:

Prepare for hybrid or in person events by having a self introduction


As the author of best-selling classic, The Secrets of Savvy Networking, I find there’s little value in reinforcing the “ you don’t have a network” premise. I have a different premise about networks. We ALL have them! BUT we must identify our network before we can grow it. Family, classmates from grade school, high school […]

News with a Heavy Heart

I had to make a decision. My heart is heavy. Do I blithely go about the business of my business…including writing this blogpost; ignoring the MIGHTY Elephant in the room? Or do I speak up in memory of the Buffalo residents in a supermarket and 19 fourth graders with their 2 teachers, and Tulsa doctors […]