As the author of best-selling classic, The Secrets of Savvy Networking, I find there’s little value in reinforcing the “ you don’t have a network” premise. I have a different premise about networks.

We ALL have them! BUT we must identify our network before we can grow it.

Family, classmates from grade school, high school and college or trade school.
Family….the whole kit and kaboodle of aunts, uncles, cousins, cousins of cousins. And they all know people we’ve met who know us through our friends and relatives.

There’s extended families, neighbors, friends of parents, parents of friends, favorite teachers, coaches and more.

In my presentations and coaching (and in my book), I have attendees do a paper and pencil exercise where they go through these categories and more and fill in names. It always triggers an “ aha” moment. And more names of people they know…who know other people.

Once people of all ages know WHO they know, then we review and practice the “hows” of networking..

My book (and I) teaches that networking is more than a job-hunt tool; it’s a lifelong process.

About Susan RoAne

Susan RoAne leads a double life as a sought-after professional keynote speaker and a bestselling author. Known as The Mingling Maven®, she gives diverse audiences the required tools, techniques and strategies they need to connect and communicate in today’s global business world. The San Francisco Chronicle says she has a “dynamite sense of humor.” To hire Susan to speak for your company, association or college, 1.415.461.3915