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How To Work a Room® What To Say Next; A Guide to Conversations That Count

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“Conversation is the most effective networking protocol.”
– Bob Muglia, senior Microsoft executive.


According to research at both Harvard and Stanford universities, the people who succeed are those who can truly talk with other people. The ability to converse with ease is a key component of successful leadership, as well as personal and professional success. Susan RoAne’s highly effective program will turn you into a memorable conversationalist, with the skills to turn small talk into big business.


This lively, participatory, practical program will teach people how to:

Approach strangers and break the ice
Start conversations with confidence
Establish common interests that build connection and rapport
Listen for conversation clues
Use the OAR method to build meaningful conversations
Become a “talk target”
Maintain interesting, appropriate, and memorable conversation
Extricate graciously


  • Ideal for executives, leaders and managers.
  • Perfect for entrepreneurs, salespeople or service professionals
  • Excellent for people who attend business meetings, conventions, trade shows and social events.

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How To Work a Room®: What To Say Next; A Guide to Conversations That Count