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Need the perfect interview or an expert source for your next feature?

Best-selling author and motivational keynote speaker, Susan RoAne, is your best bet! The co-designer and contributor to the original San Francisco Examiner’s Career Series, Susan RoAne has over two decades of media experience. Whether she is talking about business networking, face to face communication, or overcoming shyness audiences instantly connect with Susan RoAne natural enthusiasm, insight and wit. RoAne’s extensive knowledge makes her the great guest for TV, radio, or podcast, and a perfect interview for online, electronic and print media. As a blogger for over seven years, she is also a natural guest blogger.

I batted cleanup at #4 on Forbes “Top Networking Experts to Follow” List.

When the New York Times wants to give their readers the best information on communicating and connecting, they contact Susan RoAne.
April 3, 2020: Conversation Starters That Have Nothing to Do With the Coronavirus

In order to “make the cut” in conversation, New York Magazine’s -The Cut- wanted Susan RoAne’s strategies from What Do I Say Next?
March 5, 2020: How Do You Make Conversation?

Media Where Susan Has Been Featured

  • Newspaper Features
  • Magazines
  • Online
  • Television
  • National & Local Radio  

Online Interviews of Susan RoAne:

Dorie Clark, author of Reinventing You, shares best practices from How To Work a Room® for readers.

Avanti Entrepreneur Podcast With David Mammano

Bay Area Focus: San Francisco  TV

An interview with a longtime friend and wonderful interviewer, Susan Sikora, brings out the best tips for those who are looking to change careers, find a new path and be memorable while doing so. 

Smarty Cents interviewed me for Advice on how to meet, mingle, connect and socialize to build networks and adopt practices that  enhance financial standings.

Huffington Post

Eileen Williams is a longtime fan of the first edition of How To Work A Room®. When the Silver Anniversary Edition of my book was published, she discovered I lived in the Bay Area and interviewed me for her radio show and this post.

For suggested Interview Questions Contact Susan RoAne

Susan in the Newspapers

Susan has been featured in:

  • Wall Street Journal
  • Chicago Tribune
  • USA Today
  • Dallas Morning News
  • New York Times
  • New York Daily News
  • Investors Business Daily
  • San Francisco Chronicle
  • Financial Times of London
  • Seattle Times
  • Star Ledger
  • Boston Globe
  • London Today
  • Washington Post
  • The Sydney Telegraph
  • Detroit Free Press
  • The Globe and Mail
  • The Guardian UK

Susan in Magazines

If you’ve ever wondered about the future of business cards, here’s the latest from Utah Business Magazine.

Susan has been featured in:

  • Newsweek
  • US News and World Report
  • “O” Magazine
  • Ladies Home Journal
  • Meeting Manager
  • Working Mother
  • Crain’s Chicago Business
  • Brides
  • Meetings and Conventions
  • Home Office Computing
  • Association Management
  • Boardroom Reports
  • Men’s Health
  • ConVene
  • Cosmopolitan


Susan Online

Susan has been featured on:


Susan on Television

Susan has appeared on:

  • The Today Show, Australia
  • Canadian Broadcasting… The Dini Petti Show
  • CNN, CNNfn My own spot “mingling moments” for over a year.
  • CNBC
  • WGN TV
  • Turner Nashville Network, Crook and Chase Show
  • AM, San Francisco, Boston, Buffalo
  • PAX TV
  • NBC 11
  • Bay Area Focus: San Francisco TV


Susan On Air

Susan has been featured on:

  • Westwind
  • Sirius Radio, “As You Think”, The Catholic Channel
  • NPR, various affiliates
  • Mutual Broadcasting
  • Canadian Broadcasting Co.
  • British Broadcasting Co. (Great Britain, Ireland, Asia, India , Africa)
  • Bloomberg Biz Radio
  • Many stations and shows throughout the United States and Canada.