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It's a new year, but people still struggle with some of the same old issues around socializing, connecting and communicating. Here are a few “pearls of wisdom” to help you start your year off right! Pearl One: If your plan is to be more effective … [Read more]

One Doesn’t Have To Be The Loneliest Number

After chatting with a lovely, older widower at the next table at one of our local restaurants, my friend mentioned to me that she had met him the day before at another local breakfast cafe where he also dined alone. After our chat, she said she … [Read more]

ROUTE 66 TO Success

Route 66 of the Top Traits of Savvy, Smart Networkers: this is what they do, actions they take and how they act and react. 1) Acknowledge — gifts, leads, information, ideas, support (send handwritten notes). 2) Stay in … [Read more]

Something Tough to Say: If Skittish, Try Yiddish!

"Cyber dreck" ... that's what the Wall Street Journal said in 1992 was the composition of much that was on the WWW. I roared, knowing full well what that meant and what the Wall Street Journal thought of much of the stuff floating on the internet. I … [Read more]