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SAVVY Networking Revisited 2023

 VIRTUAL Keynote Speaker on How To Work a Room®… There are so many misfires under the guise of "Networking", referrals and recommendations that I decided to share an updated version of Chapter 6 of The Secrets of SAVVY Networking. It was … [Read more]

A Hybrid World: A New Look at Face-To-Face Connecting & Knowing How To Work A Room® or Zoom:

It’s been an indescribable three years since the Corona Virus created the pandemonium of a pandemic! Returning to the “new ABnormal” (a phrase I’ve used for almost that long) has contributed to our anxiety and feeling we are “rusty” in social … [Read more]

HOLIDAY PARTY DO’s & DON’TS for the Shy & Not So Shy

Based on the classic HOW TO WORK A ROOM®. DO... 1. RSVP and say "yes" and SHOW UP! 2. Focus Your Conversation on the Event: The season is the reason. Bring your O.A.R. Start with small talk and what you have in … [Read more]

MORE Networking Myths & Realities: A SUPER Savvy Approach

So, you think "networking" is a new phenomenon? a growing trend? a buzz word? Well, it has existed since time immemorial. Proof: "No room at the inn? Can you recommend a barn ... with a manger?" Sound familiar? Referrals, recommendations and … [Read more]