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UPDATED January 11, 2022 It's a new year, but people still struggle with some of the same old issues around socializing, connecting and communicating. Now that we are in the Omicron wave of Covid only some of us will be attending in-person events … [Read more]


Having written How To Work a Room ® and giving presentations on the topic for forty years, I "hear" lines that relate. Add to that, I'm an unrepentant multi-tasker and watch TV while I read a paper, work out, work on a project, write a blog or do my … [Read more]

A Second Look at My Second ACT

By Susan RoAne Whoever said that there are no second acts was highly mistaken. So many of us have had two and three successful careers, myself included. My first was that very traditional, formerly highly respected and definitely NOT … [Read more]

How To Work a Room®: Strategies of a Former Shy Person

From Quiet to Quite a Mingling Maven® “I was always quiet and often felt shy at events, meetings and even parties”, said Rosa Baez-Lopez,then Vice-President of Human Resources at Clearbrook, a Chicago-land social services agency. “I started as … [Read more]