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I've been musing about these ideas, thoughts, reactions for some time. 1.I get a kick out of all those who post their "magic" keys, secret sauce and best advice on being a leader...who never held that position. 2. It's very hard to me to feel … [Read more]

Susan RoAne’s HOLIDAY Tips for the Shy and Not So Shy

DO... 1. RSVP and say "yes" and show up! 2. Focus Your Conversation on the Event: The season is the reason. So, bring your O.A.R. Start with small talk and the items you have in common. Observe -- The venue, food or entertainment: "What fun … [Read more]

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

The Bard Pinpointed The Problem< … [Read more]

FRIENDS Meeting them, Making them, Keeping Them

Potential friends are everywhere! Seems to me it’s a matter of opening one’s eyes, ears and, (although schmaltzy), heart. Maybe that’s it. OPENING UP to the possibility that a person (sitting next to you in a class, on a plane, in a … [Read more]