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Unless Your Name is Casper, Please Don’t GHOST

Why is it that way too many of us would rather say nothing than merely a polite "No thanks, that doesn't work for me"? Are we such sweet, thoughtful, empathic people that the thought of upsetting someone with a direct "no" is more than we can bear? … [Read more]

Cleaning Out The “Closets of Our Lives”

There's a great deal of ink and media attention, including a Netflix special, on Maria Kondo's KonMari organizing method. If an item you own (clothes, memorabilia, tchotchkes) doesn't "spark joy" for you; send it off to another owner or charity. I … [Read more]

Who’s Your CHIEF of Staff?

Back in the best #WestWing days, President Bartlett's chief of staff, "Leo", overhears the president advising agricultural secretary how to pick a chief of staff. Do you have a best friend? Is he smarter than you? Do you trust him with your … [Read more]

With a Little Bit of Bloomin’ (GOOD) Luck

With a Little Bit of Blooming (Good) Luck and an Apology to Lerner and Loewe St. Patrick’s Day is my favorite holiday. Growing up in Chicago made it a memorable experience. The Chicago River turned green in honor of St. Pat who was given a … [Read more]