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“Meeting your colleagues is the most important aspect of a convention.”

– Tom Peters, Author and Management Guru

Susan’s benchmark best-seller provides the process, techniques and strategies for maximizing opportunity at any, and every, business event.


Based on her groundbreaking, and newly revised, international best-seller  How To Work A Room® , this presentation sets the tone for increased interaction and communication. Your attendees will meet new clients, colleagues and contacts and reconnect with current ones.

“A room full of strangers” is identified as our #1 fear, yet most of us enter rooms and face strangers often. Because these events are sources of professional and personal contacts, if we are uncomfortable when attending them, we miss opportunities to build connections, relationships and business. Overcoming shyness is a path to success.


Participants will learn practical techniques so that they will:

  • Maximize events in rooms full of strangers.
  • Approach people and “Break the ice.”
  • Turn small talk into big business.
  • Enter group conversations.
  • Remember names.
  • Exit conversations gracefully.


  • People who attend meetings, conferences, conventions, community benefits, parties and trade shows
  • People who sell, market or manage
  • Entrepreneurs, professionals, executives

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