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Mingling Maven® Consulting with Susan RoAne®

Susan RoAne Speaking at LinkedInWhat is a Mingling Maven?
Mingling: To mix together, blend, join or unite with others. (Webster’s New World Dictionary)
Maven: A trusted expert in a particular field who seeks to pass knowledge on to others. (Wikipedia, not exactly a Yiddish Dictionary)

Mingling Maven® Know-How:

Life is full of business networking events, social situations and life’s celebrations.

Knowing How to Work a Room® is essential.

Mingling Mavens know:
They must mingle, schmooze and meet people they don’t know but probably should
They must reconnect with people they’ve already met
They must make people comfortable with them
They must be savvy networkers
They need to make contacts, have conversations, create connections to build a network of sources resources, and referrals
A database does not a network make.

Watch these videos to learn the latest and greatest ways to meet, mix and mingle.

Wouldn’t it feel great to be able to walk into any room whether full of strangers, business colleagues, fellow alums or even family and circulate, converse, connect and leave a lasting impression? Most of us want to be memorable, comfortable, respected, interesting, conversant, approachable, and exude confidence.

What will it take for you to have Mingling Maven® Know-How?

Attitude – go everywhere with the expectation of meeting people Face-to-Face and having a good time
They must reconnect with people they’ve already met
RSVP and say YES!
o Self-introduction
o Conversation fodder / business small talk
o Research on the event /organization
o Business cards – Be Rolodex™ ready
o Gracious exit strategies
Dress appropriately for the occasion
Know How to Work a Room® with charm, warmth and pizzazz.
Be timely – No Grand Entrances!
Make introductions / broker conversations
Gives leads, ideas and referrals – GENEROUSLY
Collect and share stories with a smile
Like people!

Do you need to learn the ways of Mingling Maven® Know-How?

Susan RoAne, the Mingling Maven, will individually consult with you. She will assess your mingling/socializing skills and will design a personalized program based on your goals and provide proven strategies for your Mingling Maven®-hood.

Does your organization or company need a mingling skills tune-up?

Susan RoAne will keynote your meeting or conference and provide attendees with the strategies they’ll need to mingle, socialize and network face-to face comfortably, effectively and productively. And impact your bottom and top lines!

She can teach you How to Work a Room®!

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