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RoAnes Rules by Susan Roane

How to Make the Right Impression


RoAnes Rules -How To Make The Right Impression - Susan Roane

Wondering what to say?
What to do?
What to wear?
Here are the answers!

Thousands of people attend Susan RoAne’s presentations and use her smart, savvy, sassy advice to change their lives. Now, in this original audio program, Roane’s Rules explains how you can present exactly the image you want to convey and create the best impression wherever you go.

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RoAnes Rules won’t teach you how to swim with the sharks or win by intimidation, but it will teach you how to:

  • Establish rapport
  • Enter–and leave–situations with grace and style
  • Effectively introduce yourself and others
  • Avoid and contend with conversation killers
  • Deliver memorable speeches and toasts
  • Make Small Talk that has Big Impact
  • Cope with the confrontational and the clueless
  • Maximize use of cell phones, email, and the Internet
  • Be a good host and guest
  • Graciously give and receive gifts
  • Connect with and engage others

With RoAnes Rules as your guide, you’ll learn to create actions, responses, and follow-through that will help you move more efficiently, effectively, and powerfully through life.


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