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PickMyBrain Consulting

You can now “pick” Susan RoAne’s publishing and speaking brain!

An expert writing coach, international best-selling author and book publishing consultant, Susan RoAne originally established PickMyBrainConsulting™ to work with emerging authors who are committed to seeing their projects through: from concept to printed page.

Susan RoAneSusan RoAne will share tips and techniques to:

Gather sources,
Organize information
Prepare your materials
Draft book proposals that sell

Together, you will brainstorm titles, chapters, outlines, as well as pre- and post- publication requirements and PR plans.

Learn More about Writefully So!™ Book Coaching; a division of PickMyBrainConsulting™.

“I have had an idea for a book for many years, and just recently felt a calling to pursue this dream further. As I began searching the internet for somewhere to turn for advice and guidance, yours was the name I came across offering what seemed to be exactly what I needed.”

“I was thoroughly impressed with your quick response to my email request asking to chat by phone. When the day arrived, our conversation far exceeded my expectations. Not only did you seem sincerely interested in my concept, you also provided me a number of helpful ways to organize my thoughts; how to approach the book; concepts to include; homework to do and overall encouragement. I believe you helped springboard my writing into action in a way no else could have.”- Ashle Burnett Stratton

For more information/pricing on one-on-one coaching & PickMyBrainConsulting™ , send an email to: or call 415 461 3915.