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Stop Networking: Start Socializing Presentation

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Presentation Premise

We have overused, misused and abused the term “networking” to describe what is essentially the socializing that’s required when we are in any room with others.

The term “social” has been co-opted by the digerati. Now we have social media, social marketing and social networking but what does social really mean?

It’s communicating comfortably and effectively, having informal conversations while mingling face-to- face.

Connecting with people at any and every gathering, event or meeting is essential for our professional and personal lives.

Socializing Presentation Benefits

This presentation provides tools and strategies that allows each participant to Mingle Memorably and to learn:

  • The Essential Seven Strategies of PREPARATION
  • The Three Traits of a Congenial Conversation-starting Self Introduction
  • The Undeniable Importance of Small Talk To Find Common Bonds
  • Four Ways to Turn Small Talk into Connected Conversation
  • Remember names.
  • The Three Ways to Exit….Graciously
  • How To Comfortably interact with colleagues, clients and coworkers from different backgrounds.
  • Five Ways to Foster Face-to-Face Communication that builds long-lasting professional relationships.
  • Turn Small talk (with anyone of any age or background) Into Conversation that builds rapport, referrals and relationships.
  • Five Foolproof Ways To Remember Names (and what to do if you can’t)
  • The Sure-Fire Socializing Follow-up Plan using the PERSONAL TOUCH.

As a result of Susan RoAne’s interactive presentation, all participants will have experienced a focused socializing and met three new people. Her Stop Networking and Start Socializing Program is the perfect kickoff that sets the tone for any conference, meeting or retreat.


People who work with, manage and lead people:

C-suite Executives, managers, the technically skilled (engineers, IT professionals), sales and service professionals, entrepreneurs, profit and non-profit sectors.

Susan RoAne has been sharing her strategies of communicating and expanding our diverse networks with organizations, corporations and individuals since the 1993 publication of her best-seller The Secrets of Savvy Networking. She expands that message in her other books How To Work A Room®What Do I Say Next?How to Create Your Own Luck. andFace to Face: How to Reclaim the Personal Touch in a Digital World.

Susan’s programs motivate, educate and inspire such clients as United Health, Boeing, Ernst & Young, Office Depot, Hershey’s, Time Warner, General Electric, US Navy, Coca-Cola, Wharton School of Business, University of Texas Law School, Pfizer, The US Air Force and Kraft Foods

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