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Golden Gate BridgeLocated in the San Francisco Bay area, Susan works with clients around the globe.

How To Work a Room® Coaching

Wherever there are rooms to be “worked” and conversations to be started, careers to be managed and business relationships to build, there is no better coach on how to mingle and manage face-to-face communication at any meeting, convention or gathering than Susan RoAne®, aka The Mingling Maven®, author of the benchmark bestseller How to Work a Room®.

There are two skills to master; the first is the ability to work a room so that you have contacts to put into the referral pipeline. The second skill is that of networking, the range of actions and behaviors that constitute the follow-up required to turn contacts into viable connections.

Follow-up is the key to the connection kingdom, and we must do so diligently both on-line and off-line.

Whether you want to become more memorable among potential clients or increase your visibility within your own organization, Susan RoAne will develop a personalized plan to help you build your business network.

Mingling Maven® Consulting

Susan RoAne, the Mingling Maven®, will individually consult with you. She will assess your mingling/socializing skills and will design a personalized program based on your goals and provide proven strategies for your Mingling Maven®-hood. Susan is available for both organizational and one-on-one consulting, training and presentations.

Writefully So! You can now “pick” Susan RoAne’s publishing and speaking brain!

An expert writing coach, international best-selling author and book publishing consultant, Susan RoAne® originally established PickMyBrainConsulting™ to work with emerging authors who are committed to seeing their projects through: from concept to printed page.

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Mentor, Keynote Speaker and Book Coach, Susan RoAne, can teach you how to maximize your relationships and create the circle of business contacts that you want.