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How To Work a Room® Coaching

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How To Work a Room® is Susan RoAne’s Savvy Networking Coaching and Mentoring program. It focuses on what to do and what not to do, what to say and what not to say, and when…. Because timing is everything! This training program is based on best-seller The Secrets of Savvy Networking.

Wherever there are rooms to be “worked” and conversations to be started, careers to be managed and business relationships to build, there is no better coach on how to mingle and manage face-to-face communication at any meeting, convention or gathering than Susan RoAne, aka The Mingling Maven, author of the benchmark bestseller How to Work a Room®.

There are two skills to master; the first is the ability to work a room so that you have contacts to put into the referral pipeline. The second skill is that of networking, the range of actions and behaviors that constitute the follow-up required to turn contacts into viable connections.

Follow-up is the key to the connection kingdom, and we must do so diligently both on-line and off-line.

How To Work a Room® Coaching

As a result of working with Susan, you will:

  • Make more contacts and meet more people
  • Increase your social savvy
  • Develop conversation starters and ice breakers
  • Build business relationships, referrals and, ultimately, revenues
  • Learn how to be an effective and engaged savvy business networker

The Training Includes:

  • Comprehensive assessment of current contacts, both strong ties and loose ties
  • Analysis of skills, experiences that you can share/trade
  • How to offer and ask for help, referrals or advice
  • Business card collection, distribution and etiquette
  • Surefire on-line and off-line followup plan that turns contacts into connections

Whether you want to become more memorable among potential clients or increase your visibility within your own organization, Susan RoAne will develop a personalized plan to help you build your business network. Susan is available for both organizational and one-on-one consulting, coaching and training.

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Mentor, Keynote Speaker and Book Coach, Susan RoAne, can teach you how to maximize your relationships and create the circle of business contacts that you want.