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How To Work A Room®

“A room full of strangers” is identified as our #1 fear. We often walk into rooms full of people we don’t know. And events are sources of potential professional and personal contacts. If we are uncomfortable when attending them, we miss opportunities. Based on the proven techniques from her timeless best-seller, this presentation guarantees that you will never miss an opportunity again.

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How To Work a Room® : Face To Face in a Digital, VIRTUAL World

Susan RoAne’s energetic, practical and interactive presentation sets the tone for every group gathering when developing client relationships counts.

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How To Work a Room® : Other Secrets Of Savvy Networking

Based on her groundbreaking, and newly revised, international best-seller How to Work a Room®, this presentation sets the tone for increased interaction and communication. Your attendees will meet new clients, colleagues and contacts and reconnect with current ones.

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How To Work a Room® : What To Say Next; A Guide to Conversations That Count

According to research at Harvard Stanford universities, the people who will succeed in this century will be the people who can talk with other people. The ability to converse with ease is a key component of leadership, as well as personal and professional success.

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How To Create Your Own Luck: Turning Serendipity Into Success

Have you ever heard someone’s story and thought that they have all the luck? The good news is that “luck” is available to each and every one of us. Based on the book, this program gives you the tools and techniques to turn random chance into runaway success.

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New Program!

STOP NETWORKING: Start Socializing

In the last 2 decades we have turned everything that has a reception into a netWORKing event. What used to be fun, congenial and amiable is now that exertion of energy known as work. It’s time to bring back the “Social” in Socializing.

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