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Face to Face by: Author Susan RoAne

How to Reclaim the Personal Touch in a Digital World


While online tools are efficient in finding and getting the attention of the people you want to meet, real business transactions depend on trust. Susan is full of PRACTICAL and FUN advice on how to build trust face-to-face or over the phone through real, engaging conversations.” 
– Konstantin Guericke, Co-founder of LinkedIn.

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No matter how many text messages or emails we send and receive, online global conferences we attend or blogs we read and write, we also need to be comfortable and confident in in-person situations. That’s why I wrote Face To Face. Whether it’s an interview, a client presentation, a business lunch, a division meeting or a friend’s wedding, we need to know how to interact, how to behave and how to connect with others in a diverse shared social space.

Face To Face provides you with a practical playbook that highlights situations that require a personal touch in the face to face space so that you can turn sticky situations into newfound interpersonal skills. Most importantly, this book is specifically geared to address those issues that baffle, confuse and stymie us, because they’re unpredictable and uncomfortable. Whether you’re a senior executive, a seasoned salesperson, a career changer or career seeker, or simply the slightly shy professional, this book is for you.

Readers of Face to Face will learn how to:

  • Let technology enhance –not dominate– personal and professional life
  • Learn the best ways to connect: email vs. phone vs. face-to-face
  • Successfully navigate the business dinner and stand out at social functions
  • Develop the art of small talk and how to transition from small talk to big talk
  • Handle office and personal politics with savvy and grace

“In a technology-driven world, face-to-face communication has taken a backseat to cellphones, e-mail and text messaging, asserts RoAne (The Secrets of Savvy Networking) in this humorous, quippy guide that illustrates how basic conversational and social skills have deteriorated and offers simple steps to more effective communication. The author offers commonsense advice and practical suggestions for anyone who wants to improve his or her ability to network, enhance small talk at a cocktail party or business function, navigate office politics and find or become a mentor. With handy and realistic advice for everyone from the chronically shy to those who just need a brushup on how to behave at a business dinner, RoAne goes so far as to list phrases of introduction, expressions of grief and icebreakers for dinner conversation, and amply demonstrates how “spoken words contribute to the chemistry and connections with… clients, colleagues, friends and families.” 
– Publisher’s Weekly

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