News with a Heavy Heart

I had to make a decision. My heart is heavy. Do I blithely go about the business of my business…including writing this blogpost; ignoring the MIGHTY Elephant in the room? Or do I speak up in memory of the Buffalo residents in a supermarket and 19 fourth graders with their 2 teachers, and Tulsa doctors in a hospital? And multiple other victims? Then I looked at the list of massacres by AR15s.

I spent 13 years as a public school teacher, a few of those years in tough schools in Chicago and cannot fathom what has happened. No one is safe or immune to the ravages of these mass murders.

The pressure we put on teachers -and teachers place on themselves -to do the BEST for the students is enormous. To add “gunslinger” to the list of jobs teachers have is preposterous.

This past Memorial Day was one to have honored those who have served to protect us. But my heart is full of thoughts of those whom WE, The People (or more accurately – those we elected) have NOT SERVED and NOT PROTECTED.

Children in our schools, worshippers in churches, synagogues, mosques, shoppers in supermarkets, concert-goers, movie patrons, teachers in classrooms, doctors in hospitals, journalists at newspaper headquarters(and in the field)…

The list goes on. When will ”it” stop???? “It” being the murders / massacres- by assault-style weapons – of innocent people of all ages, backgrounds, races, religions, and professions.

Sadly, Memorial Day is now everyday.😢

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