My RANT on The RSVP problem

It’s increased exponentially since I first wrote about NO SHOWS for the San Francisco Examiner Career Series three decades ago. The (not bright) editor wouldn’t publish the article and said, “That’s not a problem in business.” I shook my head in disbelief and had my article published in a major national trade journal. And many places thereafter. (He was fired 2 months later).

The RSVP issue is a problem. Just ask any meeting planner, association exec or host. This year two of my clients said they can count on a 40% NO SHOW rate. It’s a worldwide epidemic that COSTS money. Ask any bride.
My friend Rosemary Adams said it happens in Durban all the time. So we know it’s a BI-Hemispheric issue.

Have We Totally Lost Our Manners? 

With all the cautionary tales written about reputations, being reliable, etc you think people —young and old— would show up when they said they would. This truly is not complicated. You get an invitation, you read it (in print or online).

Solution: STOP waiting for a “better” invite. You can’t “work a room” you’re not in! RSVP! Be a person of your word and SHOW UP. (with conversation topics, a positive attitude and a smile).  Start with small talk and build from there.








Better solution:  calling out the NO Shows on a special website!

Feel free to share this with transgressors who must be stopped.


Photo taken at Illini Center West Distinguished Speakers Series Featuring Yours Truly

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