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Long Range Views Require Patience

The Wall Street Journal featured an event sponsored by Cartier Jewelers in Beverly Hills. The invited guests were the super-wealthy. The vice president business development, Carl Adams, brought in the assistant curator for Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute to speak to the guests.

What caught my eye in the article was the comment that the “luxury house didn’t sell anything but the aim was to build relationships for the future.”

If You Relate, Communicate and Educate You Don’t Have to Sell.

How clever, quaint and sensible! Don’t sell; but instead relate, communicate and educate. And feed your guests. The Cartier brand is that of luxury, elegance and the centerpieces were the five and six figure pieces that are works of art themselves.  You could look at the jewelry online but what magnificent ice breakers and conversation starters and relationship-builders they are in the face-to-face space!

Short Thinking Is Too Short.

Too many people in business and sales think “short term”. Don’t forget: What creates the powerful word of mouth that ensures brand loyalty is the relationship with the company, the products or services and the people who represent the company. Both literally and figuratively, Cartier “served” its potential clients.We build relationships over time, not overnight!


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