How To Work a Room® & Other Secrets of Savvy Networking

Too many people confuse the process we call “mingling”, “socializing” or “working a room” with “networking”.  This article has both concepts because they are different skills but mesh for success.

Work a Room Savvy Networking Susan RoAne

Some people are superb socializers but have no interest in followup or maintaining the connection. I’ve called them the Hail Well-Met and Hardy Boys and Girls; they are the one night stands of business mixers, parties or conferences. Others are superb at followup and do what they say they’ll do when they said they’ll do it. We can rely on them because they kept their word. They are savvy networkers. Yet, walking into an event full of people they don’t know,  feels daunting.

Working a room and Networking are the Dynamic Duo

I was recently invited to write an article for Society of Human Resource Management to share my information, research and suggestions based on both How To Work a Room® (my classic bestseller) and my favorite book, The Secrets of Savvy Networking. It’s a perfect quick-read  guideline for anyone attending an event. It includes quotes from author Daniel Pink, Dr. Adele Scheele and Patricia Fripp that are practical and replicable and can be easily implemented.

Finding Mingling Role Models

You’ll learn how to break the ice, enter a pre-existing conversation circle and ways to exit conversations…. gracefully. It includes a story of how a self-described “quiet” person learned to approach a room full of people and why she was inspired by her role model mentor.  Coincidentally, she started as a receptionist and rose to become the vice-president of human resources.

Feel free to download and keep a copy in an easy-to-find place. Share it with family and friends who are invited to a biz event or social gathering or are planning to pivot or find a new job.

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Susan RoAne leads a double life as a sought-after professional keynote speaker and a bestselling author. Known as The Mingling Maven®, she gives diverse audiences the required tools, techniques and strategies they need to connect and communicate in today’s global business world. The San Francisco Chronicle says she has a “dynamite sense of humor.” To hire Susan to speak for your company, association or college, 1.415.461.3915