Three Surefire Ways to Make Business Contacts

For those who prefer to think there’s a formula to forming business contacts and relationships, here’s the good news. There is!

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Combine these suggestions for the sure-fire formula to making new contacts and building business relationships.

1. Say YES! when invited to a business networking event, a meeting, a party. It’s so easy to find multiple reasons to stay in the office, at home or in front of your computer. What you will miss are the unplanned, serendipitous moments that happen in the face-to-face space.

2. Avoid prejudgments. They’re often dead wrong. The person “dressed for success” may have the outer appearance but that’s all. The proof of my premise: Susan Boyle’s YOUTUBE video from 2009 Britain’s Got Talent. The audience was against her, the judges looked snarky and she was “cheeky”. Such an unlikely contestant is now an international best-selling entertainer. What a gorgeous, stunning voice she has. Judging by her looks, her age, her presence, the audience laughed at her; until she opened her mouth and began to sing. She dreamed her dream and made it come true. Jennifer Hudson is an Academy-Award and Grammy winner who didn’t win the American Idol contest but continues to win our hearts.

Our lesson in business and in life: Don’t judge a book by its cover! Drecky books have great covers, and some timeless, worthy books have very plain ones. If you don’t believe me, check out best-seller lists
versus GREAT BOOKS lists. (To avoid litigation, I won’t show you a drecky book with a great cover).

3. Talk to people who are alone. They’ll be pleased that you have. Start with small talk. “Are you a member?” “Have you been to this restaurant before?” or my favorite, “Are those chocolate brownies as good as they look?” Food is of big interest to many of us. It has its own TV channel! Exchange ideas, thoughts, information and cards.

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Bonus tip: FOLLOWUP! It’s the key to developing business contacts and building successful business relationships.

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