RoAne Roundup of Questions & Concerns

Whether it’s due to observations of irony or events that elicit concern, I find myself wondering: Do people hear what they’re saying or read what they’ve written? My counterintuitive questions and concerns range a wide span including: why is there a red line under this draft at “counterintuitive” when it’s spelled correctly???

1. Why do we keep on bashing millennials and making sweeping generalizations about them? It serves no purpose other than contributing to stereotypes: never a good thing.

2. Why are we so in love with “data”? Hasn’t anyone recently read How To Lie With Statistics? A brilliant, common sense answer given to CNN contributor, Van Jones’, when he was on tour of US to learn why our polls were so wrong: “DATA DON’T VOTE!”

3. Who thought it was a good idea to “mimic personal conversation” and send automated texts of questions to peoples’ cell phones? If you want to build relationships, DON’T do that. As life and business coach and Assistant Career Management Director at Cornell University, Tara Padua, told me, “You can’t automate humanity.” And that’s the truth!

If you have answers to these questions, please let me know.

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