Are you a Mastermind Groupie?

Master Mindset

I have a colleague who told me he’s in several different MasterMind groups that he finds useful. I’m of a different mindset with regards to having a MasterMind group or a few of them. While many of my colleagues and associates find them to be valuable, they aren’t “my thang”. What I’ve done, be it consciously or not, is create a circle of friends, colleagues, clients and trusted advisors —which some may call a “network”. They are my Board of Directors.


It’s varied and diverse according to strengths, skills, professions, national origin, religions or lack thereof, competencies, height, weight, age, etc. But there is one consistent common thread: they have my best interest at heart. All ideas, suggestions, valuable feedback, good advice or warnings that they share with me come through the same filter: What they believe to be ultimately the best for Susan.

Bright Shiny Objects…Distract

They don’t have to “hold my feet to the fire”; I do that myself. When someone tells me what I “ought to do” to create a brand, sell books, make money, lose weight and, in general, be a success, I run it by my Time-Tested Team. A speaker at our National Speakers Association convention reminded us “not to chase every shiny object”. Although I love The bright shiny Bean at Millennium Park, my board of directors makes sure I don’t chase those shiny objects of distraction.


The two most prominent members of my board are friends of decades who live on different coasts, come from two different parts of my life and only met 5 years ago. It’s uncanny. They almost always come up with the same comments and feedback. And they are always right…for me. All I have to do is pay heed and do or not do what they tell me. Others have known me for many years and a few have only known me recently. To a one, I trust them…to think of what’s best for me.

Do you have your built-in board of directors? If they answer is “yes”, you’re in luck. If not, today is the perfect day to begin to build your built-in board.

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