Having written How To Work a Room ® and giving presentations on the topic for forty years, I “hear” lines that relate. Add to that, I’m an unrepentant multi-tasker and watch TV while I read a paper, work out, work on a project, write a blog or do my nails or iron.
Yes, I confess…I still iron. Not often or well but ironing allows my brain to wander and be creative.

No surprise that material appeared while I was doing bench presses and watching The Connors. I heard a brilliant line that I feel reflects my “line of work”.

“She has a face that pulls the sun out of the sky”. Just picture that. It’s like Austin Powers’ Frau Farbissina; the sourpuss.

It got me to thinking about a phrase I’ve heard and said that describes some people who know how to work a room: They LIGHT UP a room. Others, Shine a light on others in a room and others are the snuffer of the light in a room.

Two questions:

1.Who would you rather be around? 2. Which one are you?

A source of light who brightens a room?

A shiner of light who focuses on others?


An extinguisher of light who darkens a room?

The choice is up to you!

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Susan RoAne leads a double life as a sought-after professional keynote speaker and a bestselling author. Known as The Mingling Maven®, she gives diverse audiences the required tools, techniques and strategies they need to connect and communicate in today’s global business world. The San Francisco Chronicle says she has a “dynamite sense of humor.” To hire Susan to speak for your company, association or college, 1.415.461.3915