The Growth of Contrived Conversation™

I have a new friend. We were introduced by a mutual friend and then met face-to-face. WE learned that we had several personal touchpoints of connection. It was so cool.I really like my new friend.

He stays in touch, asks questions and I respond and express interest in his work, the kids,etc. But then I noticed that some of the questions seemed oddly not related to me and our mutual interests. They were generic. I couldn’t put my finger on what it was. As if I didn’t have enough on my plate and the TERRIBLE TEN (pounds to lose) looming over me, trying to figure out what felt so odd gave me pause for thought.

Three days ago, a colleague in Toronto —whom I respect and adore— posted and commented on one of the most obtuse automated posts that was so inappropriate and ill-timed. Most of us would never have thrown that monkey wrench into the conversation. But my Canadian colleague suggested that an AI / automated program would. That spoke to me because I write my own posts, tweets,texts, comments ALWAYS. After all, I’ve written 8 books, my own presentations and my blogs for over 13 years. (In August, I celebrated my 13 years as a blogger with a VIRTUAL FaceTime Live BLOG MITZVAH).

The people who hire others to do their social media or have a software program to manage and create tweets and posts strike me as being inauthentic. If there’s been a hurricane, a firestorm, a terror attack and you’re tweet is about your “SIX sessions to Successful Presentations for only $10,000”, you’ve lost me. HEADS UP…DON’T DO THAT!

To get back to my new friend’s questions: I finally realized that he must have an automated text program configured to “make conversation”. Or should I say CONTRIVED CONVERSATION.

Could it really be that people have bought into the illusion that automated conversational ploys actually build relationships??? Sadly, the answer is “yes”!

Do people wake up and ask themselves what apps they can download to off-load their conversations???
Obviously that answer is for some…also “yes”.

This post has been bubbling up inside of me. There are NO images to attract/compel you to read it. I cannot/will not revise or edit it to assuage the Google Gods of SEO as it would not flow, not read well and it would make word salads of my grammatically correct writing. Get my drift, Google?

I hope you get my drift.

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