Can You Keep a Secret?






Are You Up To The “Secret” Task?

That’s a question that comes with great responsibility. And yet, it’s something we wonder about when we have something to share but not ready to share it with the whole world. Recently, a long-time friend asked me if I could keep a secret. It was personal and good news but not something she was ready for the world to know. Without hesitation, I said “yes”.  It occurred to me that doing so made me committed to keeping her secret even if I were bursting at the seams to share her good news. She chose me to reveal something that was important to her. I feel honored.

Trustworthiness (With a Nod to Stephen Colbert)

If you can  keep a secret, you possess an admirable character trait. Keeping our word is another. Add them together and you have a huge reflection on our values, character and behavior. And it speaks so well of us because, when we honor our pledge to secrecy, it indicates that we are TRUSTWORTHY.  Conversely, when we reveal that which we’ve been asked to keep to ourselves, we prove we’re not trustworthy. That’s no way to “work a room”.

In this day and age of way too much information and online over-sharing, it’s refreshing to have someone who has a sense of propriety and timing.My friend’s good news will be revealed in several months…by her, not by me. And when she does, I’ll be smiling; knowing that I knew and never letting on that I did!

What are your tips for choosing your Secret Keepers?  Let me know

Thanks to Pastor Donny and The Gospel Center for this compelling visual.

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