3 Easy Tips for Conversations

Once upon a time people would tell me that they are not “good at schmoozing” either in their professional or personal life.  It can be an explanation or an excuse and sometimes both. First off, schmoozing is easy- going conversation that is engaging and without an objective. It’s easy-going because there is no “goal” in spite of what some American dictionaries —and way too many ill-informed people —seem to think it is.

 Schmoozing allows for the “getting to know you” exchanges where we establish common bonds (we enjoy the same sports, movies, authors, restaurants or find out we went to the same school, camp, training seminar)  You get the drift).

Whether it’s business small talk or social interchange, engaged conversation is the vehicle that connects us to others and provides an opportunity to get to know them.
Whether we are attending a networking event so that we can garner (and give) referrals, make contacts as as part of a job search strategy or build visibility in a segment of our various communities, it won’t work if we are not talking to others. Beyond, “Hello, my name is Chris”, we should be prepared to schmooze and carry on interesting and interested conversations. That’s why I wrote What Do I Say Next?

It’s easier if you are well-read and well-informed.  There are so many more options to do so both online and in print.

Know What To Say Next

Top tips for easy schmoozing in a business networking setting or a social event:

1. Read a local and national paper (either online or in print) and have the curated news of the day delivered to your mobile device or computer. Check blogs in your area of interest. Visit relevant websites.

2. Prepare a 7-9 second self introduction that’s linked to the event.  Give the benefit of what you do; not your title.

3. LISTEN, listen, listen.

People tell us what they want to talk about if we are paying attention and not planning our next comments as they speak.

And your comments?

Susan RoAne is a public speaker and best-selling author who shares her message of connecting and commumicating with organizations, universities and corporations world-wide.

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