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How To Be Confident in Any Room

A number of my pals knew that in December I was asked to contribute to a Men's Health article on Confidence. I then was asked to rewrite/address the issue in light of Donald Trump. I took a very deep breath, reviewed additional research and … [Read more]

Belated Twitter Thanks!

I have erred and humbly apologize. I've not immediately acknowledged people for their retweets and "Likes' or hearts. Although it's not an excuse, I'm one of those who is a bona fide writer and adore composing my own posts, tweets, blogs.I haven't … [Read more]

How To Work a Room® & Other Secrets of Savvy Networking

  Too many people confuse the process we call "mingling", "socializing" or "working a room" with "networking".  This article has both concepts because they are different skills but mesh for success. Some people are superb socializers … [Read more]


Knowing how to "work" a room simply means socializing at any event, meeting new people, reconnecting with others,  mixing and mingling and, most importantly, conversing and CONNECTING. It sounds easy but often can be uncomfortable. These 10 … [Read more]