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Confessions Of A Charm School Semi-DropOut

I remember when Charm School was something we attended after school and on weekends to add polish to our personae. While I balked at the time, I went every week. It seemed to be a social option that disappeared. But oddly enough it's now a very “in” … [Read more]

The Survival of The “Greatest Weakness” Question

Answering the TRICK Job Question is No Career Treat       Job interviews can be dicey. What to say? How to answer? When to ask questions? What questions to ask? But the most discomfort appears when the interviewer asks the … [Read more]

“Watercooler” Conversation Is NOT Chit Chat

Small Talk Counts      Reading business magazines, social research and trade journals gives clarity to many issues. One fairly recent finding may have surprised a few efficiency experts, but not smart and savvy executives. According to an … [Read more]

Bite Your Tongue…Seriously

Filter Ourselves On occasion, my parents would me to "bite my tongue" when I had said something they thought should not have been said. Or if they worried that what I said could possibly happen. It merely meant to "think before you speak".  As … [Read more]