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Office Holiday Party Do’s and Don’ts

The Holidays are fast approaching and with them come the concerns about attending holiday parties; especially the office party. These Holiday Do's & Don'ts  below are based on my classic  book, How To Work A Room®. You're welcome to share … [Read more]


SELF-TALK is a mingling menace. It’s a big part of what stops us from mingling, circulating, and from moving comfortably around a room and conversing with people. Thanks to Dr.Geraldine Alpert’s recommendation of Dr. Pamela Butler’s classic book, … [Read more]

Smarter Ways To Network at a Party

While the September 15th article, The Best Ways to Network at Party,  in Wall Street Journal offered some good suggestions on body language when attending a party, some of the advice, characterizations and suggestions are not the best.  I also found … [Read more]

Three Surefire Ways to Make Business Contacts

For those who prefer to think there's a formula to forming business contacts and relationships, here's the good news. There is! Combine these suggestions for the sure-fire formula to making new contacts and building business … [Read more]