Can You Keep a Secret?

        Are You Up To The "Secret" Task? That's a question that comes with great responsibility. And yet, it's something we wonder about when we have something to share but not ready to share it with the whole … [Read more]

Create a Network of Colleagues, Cronies, Clients and Friends

        You've left stacks of work behind to attend a national convention. But taking notes from dawn to dusk isn't enough to make it worth your while.Put down that pencil and start shaking hands, talking to people … [Read more]


My RANT on The RSVP problem It's increased exponentially since I first wrote about NO SHOWS for the San Francisco Examiner Career Series three decades ago. The (not bright) editor wouldn't publish the article and said, "That's not a problem in … [Read more]

HOW TO WORK A ROOM ®: THE TEN COMMANDMENTS of Connecting and Communicating

  The Silver Anniversary fully-revised edition of How To Work a Room® is now available in local and online bookstores.  It has 3 new chapters,  a new preface, a readers guide, expanded FAQs, new cartoons, quotes, quips and quizzes.  The … [Read more]