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ADDING THE B.S. TO YOUR BOOK DREAMS                           (Best-Seller) Over the course of over two decades, I've often been asked about what writing a book entails.  In 1995 I established to help others shorten their … [Read more]

“Lucky” 13 Top Networking Secrets for Success

For those who are dismissive and critical of networking and even disdain the term, I suggest a shift in attitude. Whatever word you choose to use, the process we have come to call "networking" has existed since time in memorial. Whether it was the … [Read more]

Are You Ready To Hear How To Work a Room?

So excited! I'm learning how to work Podcasting with Garageband ... However I'm not in a garage and I don't have a band but I do have some tips you'll find useful. Take a listen. … [Read more]

An Altruistic Approach To Working Any Room

BEST Impression-ism? Try this one on for size. Instead of thinking about yourself, the great impression you want to make, the connections you need, how nervous you are or how horrible you think it is to have to put yourself in these group … [Read more]