I Need Your Help: My Simple Survey

I’m working on a new project and could really use your help. Rather than a “check the box” pre-determined survey (a pet peeve) I have only 4 questions and would appreciate your insights and input in your own words. If you have anecdotes, all the better. You can email your answers to

THE FOUR QUESTIONS: 2018 version

1. What are you pleased you Know How to do?

2. What would you like to know how to do? Or do better. This applies to the workplace and to personal life but not to making souffles, doing an oil change or becoming a Bitcoin Billionaire).

3. What would you like other people to know how and know what to do. And what to do better.

4. If you know people who are wise, savvy, polished, pleased tell me some of their characteristics, traits and an anecdote that has you giving them props.

Thank you in advance.

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