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Look Who’s Talking About Face To Face

How To Reclaim The Personal Touch In A Digital World

“In a technology-driven world, face-to-face communication has taken a backseat to cellphones, e-mail and text messaging, asserts RoAne (The Secrets of Savvy Networking) in this humorous, quippy guide that illustrates how basic conversational and social skills have deteriorated and offers simple steps to more effective communication. The author offers commonsense advice and practical suggestions for anyone who wants to improve his or her ability to network, enhance small talk at a cocktail party or business function, navigate office politics and find or become a mentor. With handy and realistic advice for everyone from the chronically shy to those who just need a brushup on how to behave at a business dinner, RoAne goes so far as to list phrases of introduction, expressions of grief and icebreakers for dinner conversation, and amply demonstrates how “spoken words contribute to the chemistry and connections with… clients, colleagues, friends and families.” 
– Publishers Weekly, Non-Fiction Reviews

“While online tools are efficient in finding and getting the attention of the people you want to meet, real business transactions depend on trust. Susan is full of PRACTICAL and FUN advice on how to build trust face-to-face or over the phone through real, engaging conversations.” 
– Konstantin Guericke, CEO jaxtr,Inc and co-founder LinkedIn

“Wow! I simply loved this book. I couldn’t put it down once I started it. Seldom does a book say it better or more simply than FACE TO FACE . This book is a must read for all those who are serious about building extraordinary relationships in business and in life. Bravo to Susan for giving us such a gem.”
– George C. Fraser, Author, CLICK; Ten Truths For Building Extraordinary Relationships

“FACE TO FACE belongs on every bookshelf, desk and nightstand. Once again, Susan RoAne provides a savvy blueprint that is essential, practical, and smart. The information is timely, the stories are real and the advice is sage and useful in today’s techno-centric world.”
– Connie Glaser, Best-selling Author, GenderTalk Works: 7 Steps for Cracking the Gender Code at Work

“This is must reading for anyone who works with people! It’s crammed full of a lifetime of tips, techniques and suggestions that will serve you in many different situations. It’s a high tech, high touch world. This book fills the gap of High Touch! And, a great companion to the How to Work the Room masterpiece!” 
– Robert N. Beck, Dean, Graduate School of Business & Public Policy, Naval Postgraduate School

“There is one person that I can confidently say is the epitome of a born networker and that is Susan RoAne. I have known Susan for years and she continues to amaze me with her innate charm, grace, sparkling humor and rare networking know how—all qualities which she employs in FACE TO FACE to teach anybody and everybody to communicate expertly and shine in both business and personal interactions.”
– Ivan Misner, NY Times Bestselling author and Founder of BNI

“Whether we’re dealing with a difficult question in a crowded social setting or managing the dizzying array of digital intrusions in the business world, Susan covers the waterfront with practical suggestions for ensuring that we don’t lose touch with the human element in our interpersonal communications. A great read!” 
– Phil Quast, Vice Admiral (ret), US Navy

“Thank you, Susan, for giving us a book that combines intelligence and charm to remind us that despite our digital devices and technology time savers at the end of the day we’re still just people who need other people. Nothing is more valuable in creating successful business and personal relationships that the face to face experience. Susan has shown us how to do it with grace and style.”
– Robin Koval, President, The Kaplan Thaler Group and co-author of Bang! Getting Your Message Heard in a Noisy World and The Power of Nice: How to Conquer the Business World with Kindness

“Susan’s advice guarantees that you’ll never fear talking to strangers. Whether at an industry conference, a business lunch or an Internet chat room, her book teaches all of us how to bring our personal touch as we connect in meaningful and memorable ways.” 
– Tory Johnson, CEO of Women For Hire

“I’m all about practical, usable advice that works. This book delivers. People do business with people and Susan teaches you how to do that better!”
– Larry Winget, New York Times Bestselling Author of You’re Broke Because You Want To Be

“FACE TO FACE is a soothing remedy for a world infected with digital distractions. In every chapter — indeed, on nearly every page — you’ll find smart tips for reconnecting and reengaging with the human side of business.”
– Daniel H. Pink, author of A Whole New Mind and The Adventures of Johnny Bunko