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Client Testimonials

What Susan’s Clients Have To Say – Testimonials

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Navy Executive Learning Office

“I can’t speak highly enough of Susan’s level of professionalism and effectiveness in dealing with large groups in pressure situations. I have seen her take the stage and, by her presence and poise, command the attention of more than a hundred Navy admirals, senior executive civilians, and their spouses. Her programs are tailored specifically  to the audience and they are filled with practical, tactical tools that can be used on the spot to increase a person’s ability to build trust and accelerate the development of mutually beneficial relationships. And, she is a sheer joy to work with; a rare combination that keeps Susan at the top of my personal ‘go to’ list” – Jeff Munks, Deputy Executive Learning Officer and Senior Program Manager

Management Concepts

“Your presentation How to Work a Room® was exactly what we wanted to kick off our three-day meeting. We learned, we practiced, we laughed, and we had fun. That’s a grand slam in my book!”
– Charles Maloney, Executive Director

Kaiser Permanente

“Susan’s message on the importance of “small talk,” mingling, and connecting with folks on a casual level was an important one that our group needed to hear…Susan gave us simple, practical techniques and strategies that we all found helpful. Her upbeat, interactive presentation gave us inspiration to put these suggestions into action.”
– Scott Abramson, M.D.

US Navy

“As the kick-off speaker for the entire program, you did a wonderful job of helping the participants understand the value of networking, both personally and professionally. That message resurfaced throughout the two weeks and helped to forge a tight bond that will serve our Navy leaders well throughout the rest of their careers.”
– Vice Admiral P.M. Quast

Paul Hastings

“By giving real-life examples and practical how-to tips, you got all of our recruiting staff members thinking that meeting new people is not only a valuable skill, but an enjoyable one. It was transparent from reviewing the evaluations from our annual event that you were the “star” of the show, garnering the highest praise from everyone.”
– Demetrius Greer, Director of Attorney Recruiting

Boeing Leadership Conference

“We all enjoyed learning how to converse and mingle more effectively…You managed to entertain a traditionally staid group of Aerospace folks.”
– John Steinmeyer

National Asphalt Pavement Association

“The reviews that came back are terrific and full of accolades for you. I personally think you provided the event that brought the group to a new place of networking and inclusion.”
– Nancy Lawler, Vice President

Pfizer Pharmaceuticals

What a fun way to learn the critical skills of networking! Our group had a blast and everyone was sorry that the workshop was only 2 hours long.”
– Jennifer Ida, Team Manager

Public Library Association

“Your talk provided the perfect kick-off to our conference. Entertaining and informative, you sent our members into the conference with new perspectives and enthusiasm. A conference highlight!”
– Greta Southard, Executive Director

Pitney Hardin LLP

“I continue to get compliments about the How to Work a Room® teleconference. One associate said, ‘She can work a room, even when she’s not in it!‘ ”  – David Woods

Council of One Hundred, Northwestern University

“Your presentation How to Work a Room®  is an entertaining, interactive and practical set of ideas that do work. You took the initiative to introduce yourself to people as they entered the room. It set the tone for the meeting and demonstrated the impact of networking.”
– Kathryn Mlsna, Chair

Ryan Homes

“Susan RoAne is a terrific speaker, a wonderful communicator and very easy to work with.”
– Jody Pilka, Vice President

The San Francisco Chamber of Commerce

“Thank you for your outstanding presentation of How to Work a Room® For Sales Success. The audience loved your enthusiasm and honesty, as well as the fantastic tips you gave them!”
– Jason Kleimola, Manager, Marketing and Programs

The University of Chicago, Booth School of Business

“You did your homework, knew the issues, the audience and their needs. You gave practical strategies and the opportunity to practice ‘the mingling’. Your sense of humor was an unexpected bonus and punctuated the points.”
– Robert S. Hamada, Dean

Wharton School of Business

“Your program was filled with practical information that our students will be able to use throughout their careers.”
– Thomas Gerrity, Dean

Proctor and Gamble

“Thank you for an awesome, mind-moving presentation. You not only entertained us, but trained us on how to develop relationships with both our external and internal customers.”
– James L. Knepler (Ret.), Manager