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Susan RoAne has written seven significant books on connecting and communicating to build better business relationships.

Face-to-Face FACE TO FACE: How to Reclaim the Personal Touch in a Digital
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How To Work a Room - Susan RoAne How To Work A Room® – Silver Anniversary
PowellsBooksBarnes and Noble
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The Secrets Of Savvy Networking - Susan RoAne The Secrets of Savvy Networking
Available as a two CD 
Powells Books
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What Do I Say Next - Susan RoAne What Do I Say Next?
Available in Audio or Paperback

How To Make The Right Impression - Susan Roane RoAne’s Rules: How to Make the RIGHT Impression (Audio Book)
Powells Books
Barnes and Noble

book-Create-Your-Own-Luck-Susan-RoAne How to Create Your Own Luck
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